Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Free Day since 4/30/11

Hi Everyone!!

I'm so excited to be back *soon*. I have so much to update everyone on. Since my last post I have planned an huge wedding, bought and moved into my new house and gotten MARRIED!!!

We bought our house in February and it was a new construction so I have been a very busy girl. I measured every window in my house myself and installed all of my own blinds. (I have to tell you I was very proud of my work if I do say so myself). We had grass and sprinklers installed. We had to get a mailbox and install that. We also had a stamped concrete patio put in which I'm very excited about because the design looks SOOO good and we are the envy of our neighborhood. I am also very happy to say that all of our neighbors are THE BEST. We got so lucky with our neighborhood. Everyone is our age and all have children under 5, are pregnant or have newborns. We don't have kids right now but I know my Hubby is just starting to get the itch and I figure within the next 4-5 years we will have some new additions as well.

We have Sunday Fun-day every week where we get together and have a pot-luck dinner and a bonfire on our patio and just have drinks and chat. We actually went to Frankenmuth last weekend for Labor Day with 2 of our neighbors. So I'm very excited about that because our old neighborhood was all retirees and they were not very friendly.

My current project has been my closet which I painted the ceiling and walls and after painting everything decided I wanted to move the light fixture from the side of the closet into the center of the closet so I cut a new hole in my freshly painted ceiling and had to patch the old one. I just finished painting over the patch last night so I just have to install the chandelier I bought. YES, a chandelier for my closet. Don't get too excited, it was only $80 at Costco and required some rigging to get it to fit properly. It was meant for a dining room so it hung very low and I had to cut the pole and re-thread the end of it so it would be suitable for a closet. I'm nervous to see how it looks in there and I hope it doesn't overwhelm the room (in a bad way). So I'll post some pictures of that.

Also, we got married a little over 3 weeks ago. I still have some thank you notes to send out but other than that I will be completely free of the wedding burden. I think weddings are usually fun for most women to plan but I tell you that I was completely overwhelmed and we had a lot of problems creep up and fires to put out with it so I'm happy to be able to enjoy my new house with my new hubby and relax and smell the roses with him again. I haven't been crafting at all (well at least not posting anything) because my scrapbook room is in shambles. YES, I have my very own, first ever, SCRAPBOOK ROOM; and it's JUST FOR ME :)  I'm so excited I can't even tell you. There's just boxes and stuff everywhere in there right now so it's really unusable at this point but it's my next mission to build a desk of some sort in there from plywood and maybe get some storage drawer units from IKEA.

Last weekend I went to Home Depot and had them make a virtual room for me out of their cheapest in stock cabinets and a laminate counter and found that I could get a really FUNCTIONAL scrapbook room that had lots of hidden storage for the low, low price of $2,700. YIKES! Plus, Hubby does not support me installing permanent cabinetry in a bedroom and feels I should find furniture that we can remove when we decide to move so the new buyers will have the bedroom free if they need it. (dreams crushed) lol. But I will figure out a cheaper, craftier, less permanent solution and I will update you all about it.

Other things on our to-do list include finishing our basement, doing some landscaping, painting our entire house, putting in a backsplash in the kitchen and gradually updating all of the lighting throughout the house. Oh boy, will I even have time to craft with all of that? lol

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