Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What I've been up to :)

Hi Everyone!!

Long time no see :) .  It has been over a year since I've scrapbooked but I HAVE been crafting. I just have not had any time to post about it. For those of you that don't know I just got married in August and We bought our house in February. It's a new construction so we've been really busy with it. So far this year I have

- lined all of our shelves in our house (including the closet shelves!)
- Painted the ceiling and walls of my walk in closet
- Bought all new black velvet hangers and organized my clothes in the closet.
- Moved the light fixture from the side of my closet to the center of the ceiling and had to patch over the old spot.
- I then replaced the old fixture with a chandelier!! Every girl should have a chandelier in her closet :)
- I put in a mailbox for our house (it didn't come with one).
- We had grass and sprinklers installed
- We had a HUGE stamped concrete patio put in
- I replaced alot of the clay with good dirt on the side of my house and spent LOTS of money on multch.
- I attempted to put in a veggie garden in that area but there was still alot of clay in the soil and the plants weren't able to drain properly so they never grew very well :(
- After the grass had rooted by the end of the summer, I thought it would be a good idea to rip up a huge section of that grass and plant mums along the side of our patio. I LOVE mums.
- I picked out, and INSTALLED MYSELF (pat on the back) blinds for our entire house which took awhile but I'm proud to say I had absolutely NO help and did a FABULOUS job :)
- We bought a new kitchen table (a nice upgrade from our 4 seater dinnette from the condo)
- We bought 6 new chairs for the table, which I put together ALL BY MYSELF, and am proud to say none of them wobble and are very sturdy lol.
- I made a fall wreath
- I completely changed my Christmas color scheme to gold and chocolate brown so I've been replacing all of my Christmas decor slowly.

Now we're working on trying to finish our completely unfinished basement. So far the studs are almost completely up. We are getting quotes from plumbers because we need dig into the cement so we can install the pipes for a bathroom down there and a bar sink. And at some point I need to stop into Lowes and have them design a bar area for me so we know exactly where to have the plumber install the sink. (The bar is a long way down the road but we need to get the plans drawn up).

My scrapbook room has not been worked on at all. I'm debating on the scheme I want. I want it to be very glamorous (i.e. chandelier) lol. I would like chair that has silver nailhead detail on it. I need to find drapes (preferably in a pattern that has a few colors in it so if I get bored I can just change out the accessories to a new color. I've been thinking I want an offwhite desk area (I plan to make it from plywood and table legs) and possibly lavender walls. But then part of me wants to use a more punchy color palette, like hot pink and orange? What do you think??

And, despite not having scrapbooked in over a year. Today I bought $90 worth of scrapbooking supplies. However, if my husband asks---I didn't have a choice. The black Friday deal was about to end; I got free shipping; and it's going to save us money in the long run ;) lol.

I'm going to attempt to change the layout of my blog so that I have it split into sections for Home, Food, and Paper crafting since lately I've been trying out more recipes and working on our house than anything else. Stay tuned!! I'll try to post some pictures of what we've been up to.

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