About Me

           Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. I wanted to tell everyone a little bit about me; so here goes. My name is Robin and I graduated a few years ago from Michigan State University with my BA in Marketing. I'm currently a full time account manager at a legal process and attorney aid firm. To escape the daily grind I let my mind drift away into the wonderful world of all things CREATIVE. I probably picked the wrong line of work because my passions in life are photography, interior design, home decor, scrapbooking and basically anything artistic. I recently started card-making also so we'll see how that works out. So far, so good. 
          I've been thinking about starting a side business to utilize my inherent craftiness and I thought starting out with a blog would be helpful. You know, baby steps haha. I named the blog what I would name my business if I had one, "CraftyKat Design." And no, I didn't intentionally misspell "cat" just to be cute. I actually have a 5 year old female Pomeranian. She has my heart <3 . I named her Soleil, which is French for sun but most of the time I call her Kat. You see, I was never a dog person. Growing up I preferred cats but had to settle on getting a dog because my brother was extremely allergic to cats. So, after hours of research I found the one dog that looked as much like a cat as I could find. I started joking around and calling her Kitty Kat, then Kit-Kat and that eventually turned into just plain old KAT. To me it seemed obvious that I had to spell it with a K because she's not a cat; she's a dog.
          Fast forward some years and I got another Pomeranian. She's about 2 years old right now and she's cream-sable. We named her Marshmallow because she's extremely fluffy and (white obviously). Her call name is Mello although she is ANYTHING but mellow. She's actually quite a brat compared to my sweet, adorable, laid-back Kat. But, she definitely has personality! The longer we've had her the better she becomes. Now she lets us pet her head, her belly and she goes to the bathroom outside instead of on my carpet. Let's hope this lasts :) *Crosses Fingers.*
           I love shopping, have an addiction to cute shoes and love reality tv a little TOO much. I have lofty dreams of being a Stepford wife and have alot of things I would like to do. But like everyone in America everyday life gets in the way and we rarely find the time to get to the *extras*. I love to travel and would die to go to Europe one day. Going to new places and trying new things is a passion of mine. My bucket list is a mile long and in the last few years I've actually managed to check a few things off. Quite an accomplishment for me!
           So speaking of firsts this blog is one of them! Slowly but surely I'm learning my way around the web. Technology is not one of my stronger suits but I'm trying! Anyways, I hope you get some inspiration from my posts and I look forward to making some new friends in the crafting world. Thanks for stopping by :)