Meet Kat & Mello

This is my 5 and a half year old, red-cream-sable, female Pomeranian. The name on her birth certificate is Miss Soleil Bugs. *yes she has a birth certificate* lol. She's a pure bred so she came with papers and we had to register her name. I chose Soleil because I speak French and wanted to pay homage to my studies. Soleil means sun and she's blonde so it fit. She got the middle name "bugs" because when we got her home from the breeder we discovered she had fleas! You can imagine that was quite a shock for a person who had never had animals to see a bug crawling across her stomach while I was laying next to her on the couch. In my horror I leaped up and said, "ugh, she has BUGS!" So that name stuck for awhile. I used to joke with all of my friends that she was my little kitty kat because as a kid I always wanted a cat. I couldn't have one because my brother was extremely allergic so I chose a dog that LOOKED like a cat (well close haha). So I began calling her Kitty Kat, which turned is now just Kat. Hence, the name of my blog. I spelled it with a K because she's a dog, not an actual cat. She's the absolute love of my life and anyone who knows me knows she has my personality haha. She's very laid back, loves to be cozy and sleep. She listens well and is a people pleaser. And, just like her mom --her favorite thing to do is eat!!! Even if you don't like dogs, you will probably not mind her because she's so well behaved. She doesn't ever bark; I don't need a leash to walk her around the block and she's great with children.

 This is Marshmallow aka Mello. Ironic because she is not Mellow at all. We've also nicknamed her Monkey because she looks like one and when she has her sassy face on we call her Sophia. (The old lady from  the sitcom Golden Girls had a sassy attitude and that's her name on the show). Marshmallow is 7 months old now and weighs about 2-3 pounds. She is Kat's total opposite in every way. She is very fiesty, always growling at her toys, barking and yelling (literally it sounds like a little kid moaning and groaning) when she doesn't get her way. When I leave for work in the morning she can tell that I'm about to walk out the door and she will follow me around the house and yell at me. When I go to put my shoes on she grabs the laces and screeches because she doesn't want me to leave. My boyfriend and I picked her up from the breeder's house when she was 4 months old so we've only had her for about 3 months now. She's still in training; *pain in the ass!!* I loathe potty training! She is literally like having a newborn in the house. She wakes up every couple hours in the middle of the night because her bladder is the size of a walnut and she has to go to the bathroom. Full grown she's only supposed to be 4 or 5 pounds so we're not sure she'll be much larger than she is now. The teacup dogs are definitely cute but they are a lot more work because of their size. She's prone to hypoglycemia because she burns off more calories than she eats so we have to feed her every couple hours and she's on a super high calorie wet food. Kat loves this because whenever Mello gets distracted by her toys, or my boyfriend's socks *which she loves to steal* Kat swoops in and eats whatever Mello leaves behind (which is usually most of her food because her stomach is so small she gets full fast). She IS getting a little better now though and I'm hoping that the older she gets the more she will chill out. *HERE'S HOPING!* haha