Friday, October 8, 2010

The Scrapbox Paper Tower Giveaway

Hi Everyone,
I just want to announce to anyone who hasn't heard that Pink Cricut has posted a contest to win The Paper Tower made by The Original Scrapbox. Just click the Pink Cricut link above to go to the contest page!

I just found out about the Scrapbox products this year at a scrapbook convention that was held at the Rock Financial Showroom. I dragged my poor, unsuspecting boyfriend along with me because my only friend that scrapbooks moved to Arizona :( and I didn't want to go alone. The Workbox is probably my favorite product only because it's HUGE and all crafters understand the value of organization. However, the EZ View would be a perfect fit in my dining room (my crafting area). I, unfortunately, don't have a room to myself for my projects so the EZ View allows you to see what have without it being cluttered and out in the open. Good luck to those who enter and hopefully it will be me so I don't have to ask for it for Christmas!