Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hi Everyone,
     Sorry I haven't posted anything recently. I just got back from a trip to Jamaica with my boyfriend. It's sooooo beautiful there. The weather was perfect. It was always sunny and it has a breeze so it's not stifling. The sea was the perfect temperature; cool enough to be refreshing but warm enough that it didn't take long to get used to it. Anyways, I only have a week in town before a leave again for a family vacation (my boyfriends family) where we'll be staying in Destin, Florida for a week. He has a  huge family (15 with just immediate family and 2 on the way) so we're just renting a huge house on the water. I'm not happy to report that I just checked the weather though and it's not supposed to get above mid 70s all week and is going to be dropping down to high 40s at night. Not my idea of vacation weather but I can't complain too much because I just went to a tropical paradise.
    I will say though, that for those of you who have never been to Jamaica, the service was TERRIBLE. It was the nicest most beautiful location with the worst staff I've ever seen. Not just our hotel, the entire island. And just to prove we weren't nuts we asked everyone in the airports and on our snorkeling trip what their experience was and they were all staying in different cities at various hotels and they all agreed it was the worst service. We were told Jamaican's are on "island time." Meaning they do things when it's convenient for them, not their customers. So, just an FYI if you're thinking about places to travel to. I'm going to be doing a review of the trip for my travel agent because we had so many issues so maybe I'll post a link of it if anyone is interested in reading it.
   Next up for news. I BROKE MY FREAKING TOE!!!! I'm lucky to say that I've made it to 25 years old having never broken or sprained anything in my entire life. But today my boyfriend went grocery shopping and stocked the freezer like an A&^hole (pardon my language). So I open it up as I'm about to start dinner for us and a one pound ball of frozen pizza dough flies out of the freezer and lands right on my toe. OH MY GOSH, I've never felt anything like that in my whole life. Well maybe the time I got hit in the nose with a stuffed animal that happened to have a hard plastic nose (and that hurt like hell too). But anyways I immediately dropped to the floor and was in shock. I swear I was like shaking and didn't know what to do with myself because it hurt so bad. My foot immediately swelled to twice it's normal size and the whole foot turned dark red. It's now 1:22am and this happened around 7pm or so and I've been elevating it hoping maybe the pain would go away just like it does when you stub your toe really bad. But it's been THROBBING ever since. It feels numb but it throbs it's very strange. I can't walk on it at all, which is very difficult considering I have a puppy that needs to be let out every 2 minutes to go to the bathroom. I hobbled to the kitchen after a few hours of elevating it and taking ibuprofen which hasn't helped at all and cut up an old box for a deck of cards that had no cards in it and fashioned a split to tape it to my other toe for support. When I have to walk it strains my toe and makes it hurt more because I'm flexing it up trying not to put weight on my toes so I'm hoping it will help a little. When I went to look at my foot to figure out how in the world I would get the tape around it I noticed the bottom of my foot is completely bruised; a very attractive shade of purple. FML lol, surely this will be lovely to deal with schleping bags through the airport.

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